Presentations, outcomes and events at the Institute of Biochemical Engineering are listed below:

  • Presentations at conferences 2019

    Biopartitioning & Purification Conference 2019, November 11-13, 2019, Sao Paulo
    Johannes Hermann: “Insights into technical protein crystallization by protein engineering and MD simulations”

    5th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology - ECAB5, 15.-19. September 2019, Florenz
    Phillip Nowotny: “Crystal contact engineering to promote technical protein crystallization”
    Ingmar Polte: “Asymmetric reduction of (R)-carvone by cellular envelopes with an immobilized two enzyme system”
    Torben Schädler: “Lipid production with Microchloropsis salina in open thin-layer cascade reactors at Mediterranean climate conditions”
    Lara Wolf: “Increasing photoautotrophic growth and carotenoid production with Dunaliella salina

    12th European Biophysics Congress, 20.-24. Juli 2019, Madrid
    Johannes Hermann: “Molecular dynamic simulation and structure analysis reveal mechanistic insight into protein crystallization”

    Biochemical and Molecular Engineering XXI, 14.-18. Juli 2019, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Kanada
    Dirk Weuster-Botz: “CO2 as carbon source for microbial production of biobased chemicals”

    Intensification and digitalisation for integral bioprocessing, 27.-29. May 2019, Hamburg/Germany
    Lara Wolf: “β-Carotene production with halotolerant Dunaliella salina in salt accumulating processes”
    Phillip Nowotny, Johannes Hermann: “Promoting technical protein crystallization by rational crystal contact engineering to intensify protein purification”
    Timm Severin, Nikolas von den Eichen: “Digitalisation in Industrial Biotechnology - Automation and Digitalisation of Bioprocess Development”